Vijayawada and New Andhra Capital Land For Sale

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Farm lands are the best investment. Especially suburban areas of Vijayawada have some immaculate fields. If Vijayawada or Guntur becomes the next capital of Andhra Pradesh, these lands are set to become prime properties. Areas like Tadepalli, Undavalli Center, Kunchanapalli, Nuthakki, Penumaka are 10 minutes from Vijayawada. We predict that they will be highly sought after residential areas in the near future. These land prices will increase in 2013 due to Telangana Separation. Our Vijayawada Real Estate Agents are part of the community. Having lived there for decades, they are well liked and have deep ties with the farmers in the area. We can help you buy  and lease (koulu) your property to local farmers and collect the lease amount regularly. We will also ensure that your farm land is being well taken care of in the future. With over a decade of experience, our realtors have bought and sold countless properties in this area.