Where to Buy Real Estate in Vijayawada for best growth

1. Real Estate near Vijayawada Outer Ring Road (ORR)

Vijayawada Realty can help you find the best real estate opportunities with extreme potential for short term investment. Our number one recommendation is to look for real estate near the Vijayawada Outer Ring Road. You can find agricultural land for decent prices along this future bypass road. It has been in the works for a few years. Land acquisition for the project is nearly complete.  In fact, we currently have a few listings online that are very close to this bypass road that connects Kaza to Gunadala NH-9. Let us take a look at the actual map and understand the Vijayawada Outer Ring Road (ORR) project plan and the real estate that has the potential to appreciate in the short term. 

The proposed bypass has a total length of 47.88 Kilometers. In Guntur District, it starts from the NH-5 in Kaza village and extends to Venkatapalem. It then connects to Gunadala with a new bridge on the Krishna River and goes on to connect to NH-9. If you want to be closer to vijayawada and still find good real estate at decent prices near the road, the region shown in the map below is the perfect place. Even without the bypass road and the bridge, you can get to this area in 15 to 20 minutes from Vijayawada Railway Station today. Once the bypass is built, we expect this will be a good residential/commercial area for development just like the area near the Vijayawada Varadhi and Manipal Hospital/Kunchanapalli developed in the last five years with prices reaching upwards of 30 crores per acre of real estate. The real estate prices in this area are now around 45 lakhs to 90 lakhs per acre depending on the accessibility and other factors. More details about the ORR are here.


 2. Real Estate near Vijayawada Prakasam Barrage, Bhavani Island and Lotus Hotel

Our second recommendation is actually quite interesting. Nowhere else in this area can you find land at these prices and yet so close to Vijayawada. This real estate is just blossoming. It is very close to the krishna river and has the most fertile land you can ever find. When we say that you can find drinking water within 30 ft of digging, it is actually an understatement in this area. There is already a water factory, Aqua Davis Club, Manthena Hospital etc in this region. We are actually surprised that this area is still to be developed. We think this is probably the safest bet for your investment. It is literally less than 5 mins from Vijayawada Bus Stand, Railway Station and commercial regions. It is naturally beautiful with scenic views of Krishna and has fresh air. An excellent place for a retirement home if you are an NRI and thinking to secure some real estate to come relax later in your life. This land has double the output in crops compared to land just a few kilometers from here. With Undavalli Center expanding towards this area and millionaires already gobbling up large portions of this real estate, we are finding it hard to gather listings here. We do have a few but it is getting tougher to convince sellers here. 

The real estate prices in this region start from 60 lakhs per acre and go all the way to 2 crores per acre. The high end is near the karakatta/amaravathi road. However, decent land with inner road front can be had on the lower end of the price point. These lands are easy to lease to local farmers and present a unique opportunity for a investor who wants to hold the property for a few years. We are also starting to hear about a propsal to solidify karakatta and expand the road to 200 ft which can increase the traffic on this road and drive up the real estate prices further. VGTM UDA is planning to develop an International Buddhist Tourism Project near the Dyana Buddha Statue in Amaravathi. This will increase the reliance on the amaravathi road too.   


3. Best places to buy Apartments and Plots in the Vijayawada Region

We've talked about buying agricultural land till now. Let us move on to buying plots for individual houses and apartments (flats). We think the Undavalli Center area is best suited to buy apartments and plots. The prices haven't skyrocketed in here yet. But they are set to do exactly that. Many real estate moguls are laying out ventures as we speak. Here you have the opportunity to choose plots based on your direction preferences, combine them if you need to make a large plot etc. These real estate ventures are flexible, well thought of and has all the amenities. If you are trying to build a house soon, this is the perfect place. There are several apartments that popped up in this region in just last two years. You can still find a 3 Bed room , 2 Bath apartment with parking included for less than 25 lakhs here. The rents are decent. It is easy to get to Vijayawada from here. Very nice and calm neighborhoods to relax after a full day of work.


We have direct tie ups with the real estate developers and builders in this area and can get you phenomenal bargains and accomodate all your needs. This is where most of the new apartment ventures are coming near Vijayawada. Gannavaram is also a good possibility, however it is a bit far from the city. The area near the ayyappa temple has developed tremendously in the past 3 years. If Vijayawada and Guntur become the next capital of Andhra Pradesh, these will be the prime properties. 

Date:  August 18 2013